Armed Maritime Security

armed maritime security

As the global leader in armed maritime security, PVI has pioneered new ways of ensuring safe passage for vessels through areas with significant piracy and terrorism risk. As an armed maritime security company, what sets us apart is our unique blend of military, maritime and commercial experience.

We go beyond security to offer a professional, utterly reliable service that allows our clients to operate safely and profitably in some of the world's most hostile marine environments.

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 09 Feb 2016

    Maritime Security East Africa and the Indian Ocean Sri Lanka: Port workers launch strike at Colombo 3 February Some 12,000 port workers for the Port Users Collective Union (PUCU) launched a strike to protest an increase in prices at Sri Lanka’s ports, which is causing hardship for workers. The workers have halted all activity at the

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 02 Feb 2016

    East Africa and the Indian Ocean India: Armed pirates rob Croatian tanker at Kandla Port 27 January Pirates armed with knives boarded a Croatian-flagged oil tanker anchored at Kandla Port and stole firefighting equipment and the butterfly nuts on the tank hatches between 0300 hrs and 0320 hrs local time. No one was injured during the

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  • Key geopolitical risks affecting the maritime sector in 2016

    Key geopolitical risks in 2016 PGI has compiled a report offering insight into some of the key geopolitical developments expected to impact businesses and the maritime sector in 2016. Key Issues Identified Positive effects of governmental change in unstable countries promoting new trade links Libya and Yemen instability compromising

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 26 Jan 2016

    East Africa and the Indian Ocean Yemen: Air strikes hit oil storage facilities at Ras Isa port 21 January Air strikes by Saudi-led coalition forces targeted oil storage facilities at the Ras Isa port on the Red Sea. At least five people were killed at the facility, which is used to load tanker trucks with refined products for

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  • PVI Launches News App

    PVI believes in innovating and moving with the times and therefore is pleased to announce the launch of its news app for Android devices. The app provides users a new, more accessible way to view the news that we produce. From our highly popular weekly maritime reports to company announcements and news you can read them all on the go

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