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armed maritime security

As the global leader in armed maritime security, PVI has pioneered new ways of ensuring safe passage for vessels through areas with significant piracy and terrorism risk. As an armed maritime security company, what sets us apart is our unique blend of military, maritime and commercial experience.

We go beyond security to offer a professional, utterly reliable service that allows our clients to operate safely and profitably in some of the world's most hostile marine environments.

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  • PGI Cyber Training Recognised by Bournemouth University

    PGI has announced that delegates who have taken its UK Government accredited Executive Cyber Awareness, Advanced Threat Methodology and Operational Digital Forensics courses may also be granted ‘accreditation of prior learning status’ by Bournemouth University. Under Bournemouth's individual unit exemption process, delegates who

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 21 July 2015

    Maritime Security High Risk Area (HRA) The first UN ship carrying humanitarian supplies has docked in Aden for the first time in four months. Aden Govenor Nayef al-Bakri said it was the first such vessel to arrive in the city since conflict broke out in March. The World Food Programme has repeatedly attempted to deliver aid to the city

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  • Cyber Investigations Service Launched

    Protection Group International (PGI) has teamed up with other experts in cyber investigation issues to create a new and unique cyber investigations and compliance team. By joining forces with Red Lion Chambers and Stephenson Harwood, the three companies have created a service, which combines specialist legal, technical and regulatory

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  • Are your vessels and crew prepared to deal with migrants at sea?

    Conflicts across Africa and the Middle East have displaced thousands of people and the safety offered by the European Union (EU) has made it their destination of choice. In Asia, the situation is also deteriorating as people flee persecution or seek work abroad. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are all struggling to cope with the huge

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 14 July 2015

    Maritime Security High Risk Area (HRA) This week the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in collaboration with NGO, Oceans Beyond Piracy, released the results of a survey of 66 Somali inmates who have been convicted of piracy. The vast majority of convicts reported that their primary motivation for engaging in piracy was economic, with many

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