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armed maritime security

As the global leader in armed maritime security, PVI has pioneered new ways of ensuring safe passage for vessels through areas with significant piracy and terrorism risk. As an armed maritime security company, what sets us apart is our unique blend of military, maritime and commercial experience.

We go beyond security to offer a professional, utterly reliable service that allows our clients to operate safely and profitably in some of the world's most hostile marine environments.

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 24 Nov 2015

    Maritime Security High Risk Area (HRA) Kenya: Mombasa port to develop cruise ship terminal 18 November Authorities at Mombasa port have announced plans to develop a cruise vessel terminal worth USD 1 mn in an attempt to boost the tourism trade in the city. According to officials, Mombasa used to receive an estimated 40 cruise vessels

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  • PVI Successfully Reapplies for German Flagged Licence

    The license means that PVI is able to embark armed teams on German Flagged vessels. PVI first acquired the license in 2013 and due to requirements needs to reapply every two years for a new license. PVI Comment – 'The application for German flag authorisation remains the most comprehensive due diligence requirement in maritime

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 18 Nov 2015

    Maritime Security High Risk Area (HRA) Somalia: Skiff approaches merchant vessel off Mogadishu 14 November A blue and white hulled skiff approached a merchant vessel to within 50 metres approximately 50nm off the coast of Mogadishu (ID 694) in position 00:22.2S 046:03.3E. The skiff was travelling at speeds of 22 knots. The skiff was

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  • Reduction of the Indian Ocean High Risk Area is Unlikely to Lead to Reduced Insurance Costs

    In October a number of trade bodies released a joint press release to formally announce a reduction of the High Risk Area (HRA). Insurance companies have said the reduction may not result in reduced insurance costs due to the assessment of insurance risk being dependent on such a wide and varying range of factors. No Insurance Premium

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  • Weekly Maritime & Onshore Security Report 11 Nov 2015

    Maritime Security High Risk Area (HRA) Somalia: Pirates to plead guilty in Indian courts 9 November The Somali government has reported that almost 120 of its nationals are planning on pleading guilty to charges of piracy in Indian courts. The nationals were all arrested between January and March 2011 for involvement in two alleged

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